Thursday, 21 May 2015

Choosing Your Winter Coat

ASOS, £85 / Whistles, £325 / Zara, £79.99 /  Weekday, £100 / Monki, £75 / Acne, £555

One of my favourite autumnal activities every year is the search for and purchase of a new winter coat, and if you’re on any level as indecisive as me, you’ll know how gruelling and long process this can be. For me, this process entails weeks of comparing a handful of coats  on the grounds of price (obviously), colour (what will it go with in my wardrobe?), shape (will I look like a snowman/detective/etc.), trend and general cosiness (will it see me through the cold months? - AKA all year in England). So this week I’m guiding you through my process of choosing an A/W coat.

Cheat Marble DIY

Remember that post Fiona wrote a few weeks ago about the world’s sheer need for marble? Well, I, being lazy (and poor) desperately wanted to make the most of the beautiful texture without shelling out on real marble (or even vinyl, for that matter). Ideally, I would invest in a polished marble slab and  balance it on two of IKEA’s mint green trestle legs to create my dream desk, but until I acquire the funds to do so, I’ve scrimped on a completely free way to pimp out my desk essentials in a way to feed my marble obsession. 

DIY Pinboard

I’ve never been keen on the standard cork or fabric pinboards you find in university halls, and had been thinking of an alternative for a while. So when my boyfriend came across this speckled polystyrene floor insulation in B&Q, I knew I had found the answer. I’m all for using industrial materials to decorate with (I also have a board made of rabbit hutch wire and a jewellery hanger made out of a branch) so here’s my latest addition to the collection.

Winter Whites

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me I can’t escape one trend in particular right now, and I’m totally O.K. with the clean cut lines and sports luxe vibe in which I feel seriously clean and cool. Yep - I’m happily being swept away in all white.